“Tonight, as the sun goes down

Where the sky meets the end of the world

On the tide, you’ll hear the sound

The song of a ghost of a girl” 

(Last Boat Home)

The songs

It is a tradition in folk music that the song tells a story through rhythm and rhyme. Like many acts of the time we sought to embellish this through innovation. Back in the day there would have been plenty of people who would have said Lendanear to Folk was akin to likening The Sex Pistols to classical music. Nevertheless we feel we can justify calling this our ´folk´ collection because much of the music is acoustic and our lyrics do tell a story. Fishes And Coal, for instance, addresses fading industry and dying traditions. The haunting song, Last Boat Home, tells the story of a lost love.  

The ultimate arbiters as to whether these are folk songs will be you folk who listen to them. If you then whistle them, hum them, play them or sing them to others then you have deemed them folk songs, for surely any music that is handed down, or that for some reason has endured from one generation to another, is a folk song. 

This compilation uses songs from Two Islands, Four Songs For Sarah and Moonbeam Dancing.