“Guitar on my shoulder, 

My life in my case

Step off the bus

Like the first man in space” 

(City You Know)

These songs for ‘Sarah’ were written after the murder of a childhood friend. She had fallen into drug dependency and was then killed in a dispute over payment. At more or less the same time Lendanear had a strange experience in a club when singing a particular song for the first time. They heard a girl in the darkness of the audience singing along in a beautiful voice, almost word for word, and then saw her buying drugs as they left the club.

This album was recorded and produced by Dave Howard. He lent instrumental and vocal harmony to Colin´s vocals and guitar. Folk club singer and comic Stanley Accrington demonstrated his versatility with some appropriate keyboard work for the price of a couple of cans of Guinness, and new band member Cath Barlow joined Colin on lead vocals. Musical arrangements are by Lendanear.